Center for Autonomy Groups

Autonomous Systems Group

Autonomous Systems Group

The Autonomous Systems Group focuses on developing theory and algorithms for the design and verification of autonomous systems in the intersection of computing, control theory, and learning theory.


Control and Learning for Autonomous Robotics Group

We are a group of scientists and engineers working at the intersection between robotics, control theory, machine learning, and game theory to design high performance, interactive autonomous systems.

Networked Control Systems Lab

Networked Control Systems Lab

Dr. Tanaka’s research focus is on control, autonomy and robotics. Recent research topics include control-communication co-design in networked control systems, real-time data compression for control, and more...


Nonlinear Estimation and Autonomy Research Group

We are an aerospace engineering research group specializing in stochastic estimation and autonomous vehicles, conducting theoretical research on uncertain systems.


Visual Informatics Group

Our group actively publishes in the fields of machine learning, computer vision, and interdisciplinary data science.