Geoelements Research Group

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Geoelements is an extreme-scale computational geomechanics research group at UT Austin. Our research focus is developing AI-accelerated numerical simulations for natural hazards and facilitate data-driven discoveries.

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    Krishna Kumar

    Assistant Professor

    Krishna Kumar is an Assistant Professor at the Civil, Architecture, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Krishna completed his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in January 2015 on multi-scale multiphase modeling of granular flows and was supervised by Professor Kenichi Soga. Krishna’s work involves developing exascale micro and macro-scale numerical methods: Material Point Method, Lattice Boltzmann - Discrete Element coupling, Finite Element Method, and Lattice Element method. His work in high-performance computing in geomechanics provides insights into the mechanics of natural hazards such as landslides. Krishna uses Machine Learning (ML) to model multi-scale problems in geomechanics. Krishna is a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow, UK, and has developed many open-source research codes. Krishna also builds large-scale graph networks and agent-based models for simulating the resilience of city-scale infrastructure systems.