Del Valle Outreach Visit

The Center for Autonomy held its inaugural outreach event for Del Valle high school students, featuring tours and interactive sessions at our Texas Robotics Lab. The attendees were hands-on maneuvering a robotic dog through the lab and a tele-operated robot arm. These demonstrations encouraged discussions around autonomy, computer science prospects, and how students can succeed. Subsequently, numerous Oden Institute faculty members and students gathered with the high school students to discuss and inspire their future ambitions in education.

As a highlight of the event, the students had a special guest visit from Dr. Jared Culbertson from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory's Autonomous Capabilities Team. Dr. Culbertson shared his experience in autonomous systems and research, providing insights into the exciting work being done in this field. The students had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Culbertson, ask questions, and learn about the various career paths available in the field of autonomy. This was an excellent opportunity for the students to gain exposure to real-world autonomy applications and inspire their future ambitions.

Link: Local High Schoolers Enjoy Hands-On Robotic Experience